Five facts about water damage

Having to deal with the water damage must the most tedious work you have ever done. Apart from being really expensive, your house will look ruined, and you will have a hard time accepting that. Some people try to fix the damage on their own but usually end up in a bigger mess. If you are not too skilled with these situations, it’s better to call a trained professional who will help you repair all the damage. So, here are the five facts that can help your fix this problem as soon as possible.

Know the difference between food and water damage

water damageIn this case, you may think that water is water, so, it doesn’t matter if it’s from flooding or you have a burst pipe. If you live in a part of the state where a flooding is a common thing, then you probably have separate policies through NFIP. When you report the claim to an insurance company, make sure to clearly state your case, so that insurance agents can adjust your request correctly.
Insurance doesn’t cover all water damage

It’s a good thing to review your insurance policy and to see what exactly does it covers. For example, a vast majority of policies cover sudden damage, such as water damage from a storm or an overflowing washing machine. On the other hand, if a water damage occurs because of your negligence, or because you didn’t maintain your system, then you won’t have the right to charge the insurance.

Pay attention to time

Once your property has been damaged, you don’t have the luxury of the time. You need to start cleaning immediately because the secondary damage will be even worse, for example, mold can appear and it hazardous for your health. Mold spores are everywhere, and they are easily transferred. You will be left with 48 hours’ time gap to start fixing everything because if the mold is spread, you will need to call the professionals for the help, otherwise your only help will be the best cordless drill. To prevent the mold from happening, you are required to dry the entire property and then contact the company which deals with water damage and restoration.

Notify your insurance company right away

When the water damage occurs, call the insurance company right away. In this way, your insurance agent will start the claim immediately and guide you through each step, in order to protect your asset. He can even give you some recommendation how to stop the leaking or to stop the water source. In this case, your insurance company can direct you to a good company that deals with water damage restoration.

The pollution level is crucial

There are three categories of contamination. The first type is the clean source of the water, like from a dishwasher and it won’t cause illness. The second category is the water that may cause a disease through contact and has bacteria in it. The third group is the water which is highly contaminated, like a sewage backup.